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"In a few years I'd love to give work to people as passionate as I am."

Almudena Catalán (38 years old, from Dénia) used to play at dressing her dolls in the same clothes as she wore. Today, thanks to her passion for fashion and her enterprising spirit, she's created her own fashion label, Rockmantic, and hopes to turn it into a top firm.

Design and marketing of fashion clothing and accessories

Rockmantic is the fashion label with the personal seal of Almudena Catalán, whose devotion to fashion goes back to her childhood and memories of her grandmother's textile factory, where she learned and started to define her own style. After 14 years working in the fashion world, she has set up Rockmantic, a label characterised by versatile garments made locally using the best fabrics in Spain.


Almudena Catalán

"All our garments are made in Spain by women in local sewing workshops."

The case in figures

Because of her training and experience, Almudena knew the business and she certainly didn't lack enterprising spirit. The finance to make it happen came from MicroBank, which backed her business plan, and today Rockmantic is a reality..

Microcredit amount

17,097 €

Total investment

27,708 €

Plans for the future

I'd like the company to grow in the future, and for Rockmantic to become a top firm

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    Almudena Catalán

    "In a few years I'd love to give work to people as passionate as I am."


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