About us


Our mission

We are a social bank created in 2007, when we inherited the activity carried out until then by Obra social 'la Caixa'.

At MicroBank, we contribute to the progress and welfare of society. We provide financing to groups and projects that generate a positive social impact.

Chairman of MicroBank

Juan Carlos Gallego

"Microcredits are an important financing tool that contribute to improving social cohesion by facilitating the reduction of inequalities in the access to credit."

To do this we offer you:

  • MicroBank Microcredits: loans of up to €25,000 (no in rem guarantee). If you have difficulties obtaining traditional financing from banks, MicroBank microcredits encourage productive activity, employment creation or your personal and family development.
  • Other finances with social impact: products and services that contribute to a positive and measurable social impact in society. They allow you to generate social impact if your activity is developed in areas such as entrepreneurship and innovation, social economy, education and health.

Our values

We are a social bank that acts with maximum transparency and rigour. At MicroBank, we are committed to quality, trust and social commitment. Our goal is to promote the following areas:

Compromiso social

Social commitment

We promote economic activity through the creation of jobs and the development of individuals and families.

Inclusión financiera

Financial inclusion

We facilitate society's access to money, especially those who find it difficult to obtain loans.



We have more than 4,600 customer service points, through CaixaBank branches. In addition, we collaborate with more than 600 institutions that provide supplementary services.



The leading financial institutions in Europe support our policies and management of economic risks.



We guarantee the evolution and growth of MicroBank with a viable social bank model.


Integrity and transparency

We offer value and trust to people and provide honest treatment.

Our products support the creation of responsible projects and promote social development.

We do not finance business initiatives that violate our ethical values and principles of action. The sectors and activities not financed by MicroBank are: arms industry, gambling and betting, pornography, tobacco and products harmful to the environment.

Corporate Social Responsability

At MicroBank, our commitment to social and environmental development translates into new financial products with added value. Microcredits and loans adapted to you and committed to our ethical values.



ethical values

Read MicroBank's code of ethical values and principles of action implemented in recent years.

Moreover, since April 2009, MicroBank has been part of the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative that aims to achieve a voluntary commitment to social responsibility by institutions, and thus contribute to responsibility.

MicroBank obtained the EFR Certificate (family-responsible company) in 2018, granted by Másfamilia Foundation. It is a certificate that recognises good practices in organisations that integrate models for conciliation in work, personal and family life.

MicroBank's Basic principles of action

We follow these basic principles of action established in the Code of ethical values and principles of action of MicroBank:

  • First principle

    Legal compliance

  • Second principle


  • Third principle


  • Fourth principle


  • Fifth principle


  • Sixth principle


  • Seventh principle


  • Eighth principle


Declaration on climate change

At MicroBank, we are working to transition to a low-carbon economy that promotes sustainable and socially inclusive development. The action of the public, private and society sectors is key to the development of long-term climate strategies, convergent with the objectives of the Paris Agreement (COP21) and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

This commitment to the environment is reflected in the Declaration on climate change, in addition to other responsible corporate policies, such as the Code of Ethics and Principles of Action and the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Read our Environmental statement