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Our mission



MicroBank was set up in 2007 as a social bank to channel the microcredit activity carried on up to then by "la Caixa" through its foundation, in order to build up this work with all the rigour and sustainability of a banking organisation.

Thus, the aim of providing a response to different sections of the population whose financial needs were not sufficiently met was achieved through a new social banking model offering access to quality financial services, in order to contribute to the following:

  • Fostering productive activity and creation of employment through financial support for self-employed professionals and microenterprises.
  • Self-employment, by starting up small businesses through the granting of microcredits to new entrepreneurs.
  • Personal and family development, in response to needs and helping to overcome temporary difficulties.
  • Financial inclusion, helping to bring new customers into the banking system through the organisation’s extensive commercial network.

All these factors have a particular impact on social cohesion and the level of welfare of people and families, especially among the most vulnerable groups in society.