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Entrepreneurs area

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a project as a freelancer, or a microenterprise, at MicroBank we believe in you.

  • Caso de éxito "Edyma"


    Edgar Hazas and M. Ángeles García

    "People thought we were crazy but MicroBank listened to us."

  • Plantilla para creación de estrategia empresarial


    Boost your business

    Create a business strategy and define the foundations of your business.


    Almudena Catalán

    "In a few years I'd love to give work to people as passionate as I am."

  • Mapa de microcréditos


    Microcredits Map

    Find out all the microcredits we have granted in Spain.

Start your project

Believe in your ideas and turn them into businesses and personal projects. With MicroBank, you will feel supported throughout the project.

  • Do you have an idea?

    You're not alone. Here you will find people and experiences that will help you until you reach your goals. Confidently.

  • Do you need advice?

    We have agreements with institutions that can help you.

  • Take the first step

    Tell us the ideas you have in mind. At MicroBank, we listen to your proposals and turn them into real projects.

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