Information required by the M.O. ECC/2316/2015: Current Account

MicroBank forms parts of the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions set forth in Spanish Royal Decree 16 of 14 October 2011. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.


This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 indicates the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

Information about the Basic Payment Account

MicroBank provides users with basic payment accounts

Any potential customer who is a consumer and natural person, who does not have another payment account in Spain, is entitled to a basic payment account, except in certain cases regulated by law (regulated by Spanish Legislative Royal Decree 19 of 24 November 2017). You do not need to purchase other products or services from the institution in order to open a basic payment account.


We can only charge you a fee of €3 per month for rendering the services included with the account, which are listed below:

  • a) Opening, using and closing the account

  • b) Depositing funds

  • c) Issuing a debit card 1

  • d) Debit cash withdrawals in euros at CaixaBank branches or ATMs located within the European Union. If you withdraw money from a non-CaixaBank ATM, we may charge you the fees or expenses that we must pay the third-party institution that owns the ATM

  • e) Up to 120 annual payment transactions in euros within the European Union, consisting of direct debits and transfers (including standing orders) in the institution’s branches and through the credit institution’s online services when these are available

  • f) Immediate information about your movements through your CaixaBankNow online banking service, your mobile or an ATM

There is no remuneration for the account (0% APR).

The fees or expenses for transactions that exceed any of the quantities specified in point e) above may not be higher annually than the fees or modal expenses applied by the institution for each kind of transaction. These fees or modal expenses are published by the Bank of Spain (

Procedure to open a basic payment account for natural persons

You can request to open a basic payment account at any CaixaBank branch. CaixaBank employees will request an official identity document from you:

Then, if you do not have a basic payment account open in CaixaBank/MicroBank, you must i) provide us with your socio-economic data in order to fulfil the obligations required by the Spanish Money Laundering Act, ii) sign the Framework Agreement (a document that regulates the basic rules governing your relationship with CaixaBank), and iii) sign the basic payment account agreement (which will include the online banking agreement and, optionally, the debit card agreement).

In certain cases, it is possible that we will be unable to open the basic payment account immediately due to having to conduct further verifications or because we need additional documents required by the Spanish Money Laundering Act. In this case, we will give you a basic payment account application to sign and a copy thereof to take with you. Within a maximum term of 10 days counted from the date the application is submitted, we will give you an answer as to whether or not you are entitled to open a basic payment account. If you are, you must visit the branch and carry out the procedures specified in the previous paragraph. If you are not entitled to open the account, you can submit a claim, if you wish, to CaixaBank’s Customer Support Department (SAC). Information on how to submit a claim to the SAC can be found through this link:

Basic payment account for vulnerable persons

Potential customers may also request that the account be free of charge if they meet the requirements specified in Spanish Royal Decree 164 of 22 March 2019, which sets forth a free system for basic payment accounts to the benefit of vulnerable persons or persons who are at risk of financial exclusion. They must sign a specific application document for such purpose.

A customer shall be deemed to be in a position of special vulnerability or at risk of financial exclusion when the following situations arise:

  1. The gross economic income, calculated annually and per family unit, does not exceed the following thresholds:
    • Twice the Spanish Public Index of Multiple Purpose Income with twelve payments, in force at the time the request is made in the case of persons who do not belong to any family unit.
    • Two and a half times such index for persons who belong to any kind of family unit with fewer than four members.
    • Three times such index for family units consisting of four or more members or whose large family status is acknowledged in accordance with the law in force.
    • Three times such index in the case of family units that include a person with a level of disability equal to or higher than 33 per cent, with this being officially recognised by a decision issued by the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services or by the competent body in the Autonomous Communities.
  2. None of the family members directly or indirectly own real estate properties or hold any in rem right over real estate properties, excluding their usual home, nor are any of them the beneficial owner of commercial companies.

These criteria must be met by all account holders if there is more than one.

Moreover, the customer must provide the following documents in order to prove their position of vulnerability:

  1. The number of persons that form the family unit; the family record book or a document proving registration as a common law couple must be provided as proof thereof.
  2. Receipt of income by the members of the family unit; each family member must provide any of the following documents as proof thereof:
    • An income certificate and, when appropriate, a certificate of a wealth tax return issued by the State Tax Authorities or the competent body in the Autonomous Communities, in relation to the last financial year.
    • The last three payslips received.
    • A certificate issued by the institution managing benefits or unemployment subsidies stating the monthly amount received for such items.
    • A certificate proving the income support, minimum job income or similar benefits granted by the Autonomous Communities and local bodies.
    • If the customer is self-employed and if he/she received benefits due to ceasing his/her activity, a certificate issued by the managing body stating the monthly amount received.

If the aforementioned documents are not provided, the customer must provide a report specifying the composition of the family unit or the reasons for its suitability to receive free access to the basic payment account, when appropriate. This report must be issued by the social services of the Town Hall in which the customer is registered on the local inhabitants’ census (“empadronado”).

The customer will be notified whether their position to access the account free of charge has been accepted or rejected within a maximum term of thirty days counted from the date when all the specified documents are submitted by the customer.