Erasmus+ Master Loan

Your definitive solution to study a master's degree in Europe without worrying about money

Erasmus+ Master Loan gives a significant boost to your studies. It is the fastest way to access credit to complete your university education. It is time to choose a master's degree and prepare your professional career at European level.

You can apply for the Erasmus+ Master Loan without guarantee and start repaying the capital one year after finishing your studies. It is always good to face new challenges and the MicroBank Erasmus+ Master Loan makes it easy for you.

Just focus on your studies

Apply now for an Erasmus+ Master Loan from MicroBank. A customised financial product of the best European mobility programme. No matter your age or your income level. If you have any questions or need more information, check the frequently asked questions.


Jorge Fernández

"Knowledge is the best investment."

Find out about the Erasmus+ Master Loan conditions

What are the advantages that make the Erasmus+ Master Loan your best option?

(1) Annual over the life of the loan.

(2) You will have a grace period of up to one year after completing your studies and you will also have a period of 12 months during the life of the loan, during which you will be able to stop paying the instalments. The grace period can be for the total amount or capital during the studies. Once the studies have been completed, there is an additional 12-month grace period for the capital. The maximum grace period is 30 months for master's degrees of up to 1 year and 42 months for master's degrees longer than 1 year.

At the end of the total grace period, the instalment and interest for the outstanding amounts payable will be recalculated.