Family Microcredit

The best loan to finance personal or family projects

It is aimed at people with the greatest difficulty in accessing credit. You can access the loan if your or your family unit's level of income is below €19,300 and you need to cover everyday needs such as healthcare, education or home improvement expenses.

The microcredit of your life

Your family and the health of those closest to you come first. At MicroBank, we are aware of this and so we provide you with access to financing that is suited to your needs. The Family Microcredit will ensure that money is not an impediment to your everyday needs.

Find out about the Family Microcredit conditions

What are the advantages that make the Family Microcredit your best option?

Maximum amount


Maximum financing

Up to 100% of the project

Interest rate

Fixed interest rate during entire repayment period

Repayment term

Up to 6 years

Capital grace period

Up to 12 months


Without in rem guarantee