EaSI Social Enterprise Loan

Consolidate your business and generate a greater benefit for society

Increase the impact of your company with MicroBank's EaSI Social Enterprise Loan. Boost or evolve your business and consolidate a business model to generate greater benefits in society.

EaSI Social Enterprise Loan is your way of financing whether you are a social enterprise or institution that generates a positive and measurable social impact, whatever your legal form is.

Your future is sustainable

Finance your activity in investments or working capital with MicroBank EaSI Social Enterprise Loan.

Who is it for?

The EaSI Social Enterprise Loan is the financing line for all those companies and entities that meet the following requirements:


Generate a positive and measurable social impact.


Have an economic and sustainable activity, with respect for the environment and with income below €30M.


Responsible and transparent management, and that the benefits distributed among its partners do not exceed ⅓ of the total.

Find out about the EaSI Social Enterprise Loan conditions

Promoting autonomy and attention to disability, the fight against poverty and social exclusion or interculturality.

Maximum amount


Maximum financing


Kind of interest


Repayment term

up to 10 years

Capital grace period

up to 12 months


Without in rem guarantee