MicroBank FEI-COVID19
Business Loan

Aimed at the self-employed and micro-enterprises that require liquidity to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

Through the European Commission’s new sub-programme, COSME COVID-19, Microbank is making a loan facility of €310 million available to the self-employed and micro-enterprises in order to meet the cash-flow needs stemming from the COVID-19 crisis.

Supporting the self-employed and micro-enterprises

We know that the state of alarm declared by the Spanish government to combat coronavirus may have been a decisive factor for the activity of some businesses like yours. That is why we are making the MicroBank EIF-COVID19 Business Loan available to you.

Préstamo Negocios MicroBank FEI-COVID10

At MicroBank, we want to continue supporting the self-employed and micro-enterprises.

MicroBank EIF-COVID19 Business Loan conditions

Discover the advantages that make the MicroBank EIF-COVID19 Business Loan the best option for you to continue with your usual business activity.

Maximum amount


Repayment term

Between 12 and 60 months

Capital grace period

Up to 12 months



Contracting term

Until 30/06/2021(*)

(*) Or until the amount of €310 million has been exhausted